Category Theory Dump 3

Algebraic Data Types You can treat algebraic equations like composite types, and vice-versa Discrete Category "How do we represent a single set as a category?" Sets do not have structure, but morphisms between objects imply structure Category in which there are no morphisms beyond identity ones Functors A functor maps one category into another A… Continue reading Category Theory Dump 3


Category Theory Dump 2

Kleisli Category The Kleisli category of C is the corresponding category CT Every morphism f: X → T Y in C (with codomain TY) can also be regarded as a morphism in CT (but with codomain Y) The 'embellishing implementation' in C (the mapping which returns a new type that is a pair of the… Continue reading Category Theory Dump 2

Transcendental Realism via Pete Wolfendale

This is fucking great. Wolfendale picks the path through Kant that I would never have been allowed to (and that would have been utterly out of my grasp anyway) as an undergrad. Forking Kant "to provide an epistemological definition of metaphysics that is both broadly Kantian and yet provides an alternative to Kant’s transcendental idealism… Continue reading Transcendental Realism via Pete Wolfendale

Turingian Revolution

Another paraphrase of the computational functionalist stance from Reza Negarestani's essay, "Revolution Backwards: Functional Realization and Computational Implementation": "But why is the Turingian revolution in cognitive and computer sciences a revolution that is conceived in and takes place in the future? Because what Turing proposes is a schema or a general program for a thorough reconstruction… Continue reading Turingian Revolution